My Valentine

Pretty posies for my love
Pretty flowers for her hair
Filled with colours so sublime
Form garlands she can wear

But do they speak of love
Do they say how much I care
Do they show my real emotions
Do they strip my feelings bare

Can they show a lively passion
Beating deep within my heart
Can they tell her with conviction
That I’m sure we will never part

Will they picture true my love
Will they make her feel complete
Will they tell her of the reasons
Why my heart keeps up its beat

If they can do these things
Then sending them is fine
Instead, I confess my deepest love
Just for you, my Valentine

©2010 Qbear.

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A Lasting Love

Searching for my lasting love
Someone who really cares
Perhaps a sign from up above
An answer to my prayers

I don’t seek Helen’s face
Or Aphrodite’s charms
Just a soul to take her place
Beside me in my arms

An ear to hear my many tales
Of daring do and don’t
A smile to sooth my travails
Whenever others won’t

A friend, my load to share
A confidant who I can trust
My secrets in slience bear
And not think me unjust

A cheerful word at times
When things are out of sorts
Someone to read my rhymes
With cheer despite the warts

Perhaps I seek a soul so true
A special lady with talent rare
Which few could measure to
Or be this creature extrodinare

QBear 2009

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A Field of Tulips

Fields of tulips bravely stand

Like flags of many hues

Looking stately and so grand

Daring one to choose

Their time to brag and boast

Is soon coming to an end

For if they will attain their most

Their stalwart stems must bend

And so it is with women young

Their beauty just as fair and fleeting

Because before their song is sung

They must have a fateful meeting

With mate and child in hand

They take the poetic journey

To the ever wished for land

Through trials and tears and tourney

But hark their time to shine is now

While autumn’s colour is in their cheek

And nature’s finery adorns their bough

Before their charms begin to peak

When the wine is very sweet

And the fruit is fully ripe

Then surely life is now complete

Full flavoured and true to type


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A Wicked Wave of Love

As I look upon your lips of red
I feel so blessed to know their touch
And as we make our lover’s bed
I sense that this may be too much

Where were you short days ago?
Or throughout my lonely life?
Where were you when I felt so low?
As I faced turmoil and bitter strife?

I needed you when I faced the bad
Days and nights from which I’ve fled
I wanted you when I felt so sad
As I lay me down and there I bled

Now my wounds have healed
And their scars are fading fast
My unhappy past is firmly sealed
As I move near to heaven’s grasp

So let’s make this a time to feel
Emotions which lift us high above
Worldly wounds that did heal
As we ride our wicked wave of love

QBear 2008

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Dark Winds


Deep inside I sense such an urge

To hold someone precious and dear

So close that we’re both on the verge

Of becoming as one and I fear


My naked emotions so pure

Should they be ravaged and scorned

Would leave me feeling so poor

With only the dark moon to mourn


Then the wicked winds of the night

While searching wide for my soul

Will after sensing my plight

Rejoice as my heart turns to coal


But you and just you all alone

Have the key to restoring my bliss

And sure as the winds may have blown

All it takes is a hint of your kiss


©QBear 2006

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In the gardens of the world

Even those of Shalimar

Where the clear blue waters swirled

And the scents of heaven are


I know your love is hiding

Entwined among the bushes

Where my heart is still abiding

When raw emotion pushes


Me to bear my very soul

Along with my inner being

For the glory of our goal

Which now I’m clearly seeing


Lies in the joining of our nights

And the melding of our flesh

Where we reach Nirvana’s heights

When our hearts begin to mesh


©QBear 2006

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A Broken Chair

Strolling through the park
On a Sunday evening fair
I chanced upon a man
Sitting on a broken chair

His hair was grey and long
His clothes a grimy hue
But when I heard him speak
I knew his words were true

“Take heed my laddies fair.”
He said to all the passers by.
“Or you’ll share my dreadful fate
And I tell you true this is no lie.

For a pair of shinning eyes
And a lovely walk she had
Along with beauty so very rare
That you couldn’t think her bad

I cast my fate upon the wind
And this beauty’s love I sought
But as sure as I am sitting here
That’s not the bargain that I bought

At first she was so sweet
A treat for eye and soul
But as the seasons changed
I found her heart of coal

Cruel she was and to a fault
Humiliate me, she did that a lot
But blinded by the light of love
To leave her, I never sought

Then she took my worldly goods
And she spent them on her wants
As my saving began to disappear
I was repaid in full with her taunts

My manhood did she question
My need for her love she would tease
And the only thing that I was seeing
Was the sight of her being pleased

She took to bed another lover
Just to hurt me, of that I’m sure
And she would hug and kiss him
And tell me she was no longer pure

Finally I had taken as much
Of this torture, as would any man
Then I broke down under pressure
And there my trouble all began

In a jealous rage I killed her lover
Yes, I slew him like a mangy dog
And when she packed and left me
I descended into this awful fog

Since then the years have been wasted
As I passed through a living hell
And if you wish to avoid my fate
Then listen closely to the tale I tell

Should you chance to see a beauty fair
With a gorgeous pair of shining eyes
Stay far, far away, be sure my laddies do
For I’m sure she speaks the devil’s lies.”

As I continued on that Sunday eve
With the old man’s words heavy on my mind
I chanced to spy a beauty with a lovely pair
Of shinning eyes and a smile so very kind

But I did not stop to greet her
Or try to start a little chat
I just recalled the old man’s words
And the broken chair on which he sat

QBear 2007

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A Lover’s Vow

Walking together hand in hand
Along the miles of golden sand
Feeling soft the tropic’s wind
Certain sure that there’s no sin

There is no wrong when our love
Envelops us like a velvet glove
When it makes us feel so good
And brings us joy as it should

Paints the world with colour rose
Turns this poet’s words to prose
Spreads from us to others dear
And from them to lovers near

Joy and laughter are everywhere
Birds swoop low through the air
As we stroll with conscious clear
And I thrill when you call me dear

I pray this love of ours will last
That lonely times are in my past
That to one another we’ll be true
And never once feel a little blue

But even if our time is short
And love leaves us in this port
I will treasure the bliss that we had
And never feel even slightly sad

QBear 2007

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Misty Dreams

As the mists of time
Drift slowly in my mind
I see you standing there
With silver body bare

Giving me a come-hither glance
As if to say I have a chance
Of satisfying your carnal need
As I eject my inner seed

A Venus bust of virgin white
With breast and flesh so very tight
A statue fit to please the gods
And then I think what are the odds

That I would be the chosen one
The man to whom you bring the sun
To shine upon your very life
The one to even call you wife

To join in mind and body wild
And start together our love child
Who will grow to be just like you
A stunning beauty, sure its true

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Come Lie with Me

Come my darling and lie with me

  under the spreading hawthorn tree

Caress the coolness of the grass

  wherever gentle breezes pass

See ample love within my soul

  flowing so freely on this knoll

Feel the beating of my heart

  where sunny rays dare to dart


Come my love and sit with me

  beside a calm and peaceful sea

Smell the scent of sultry flowers

  heightened so by passing showers

See the remnants of our passion

  displayed amid the spread of fashion

Feel the warmth of my wet lips

  as they make those wanton trips


Come my dear and walk with me

  away from the storm and into the lee

Taste forbidden fruits of the shore

   those from which our spirits soar

See that our stolen love can blossom

   into something sweet and awesome

Feel the thrill of my gentle touch

  on your quivering flesh and such


Come my heart and dream with me

  of passions that are yet to be

Hear the music of our love

  soaring aloft on the wings of a dove

See the sameness of our goals

  blend with the melding of our souls

Feel the lustful joining of our essence

  reaching out for our quintessence


©QBear 2006

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